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Character Name: Sunakawa Tsubaki

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Grade/Homeroom Class: 1-A

Height*: 5’4”

Weight*: 120

Birthdate: June 30th

Blood Type*: A

Hobbies: Sewing, ikebana, bento art, vocaloid.

Favorite School Subject: Japanese Literature

Is your character a member of a team or club on campus?: Tsubaki is a member of both archery and swim club, but as a first year she doesn’t do a whole lot on either team.

Appearance: Short and slender, Tsubaki’s person is in the beginning stages of turning her into a truly elegant young lady. As such, she’s a bit more like a baby chick, her knees are a little too bony, her wrists are a little too thin for true style or elegance. She has very long blue-black hair and blue eyes - a sure sign of something meant for greatness, all but lost on Tsubaki. She has slightly chubby thighs, and often smells of a sweet, hard-to-describe perfume. She tends to smile, but often has a perplexed look on her face, almost as if she’s abashed that she’s thought of something untoward.

Personality: Tsubaki is kind of unassuming and quiet. A true wallflower if there ever was one. Unfortunately, despite this fact, other students tend to think of her as fussy and even a little stuck up because she doesn't communicate very well. She sometimes is too vague about a reply or too blunt. Thanks to years of private tutors, and spending a lot of time alone, it has cemented it as a bad habit.

She's trying really hard to fix it, though! To herself, Tsubaki thinks of herself as a kind person, who is often trying hard to make things work out, but then they don't. It upsets her a bit, and makes her eat her feelings. For her, food is a comfort, and because she is often exercising, it hasn't yet become something that causes her to gain too much weight.

Her daily life is usually started with a goal to make one friend.

This... this hasn't happened yet.

Background: Tsubaki was born to greatness - her family has a long history of being Japanese youkai hunters, using its daughters to seal the evil by swallowing it whole. Literally. Then they’d lock the unlucky girl in a box and bury her under a mountain. Which lead to more monsters. Which lead to more maidens being sealed in boxes. Which lead to more--

You get the picture.

They’re modern-era now, and only very few members of the family have any clue as to the secret history. For now, the Sunakawa are a corporation that deals in finance, in hospitals, and in cultural preservation.

For good reason. There’s a whoooole lot of girls under mountains that need to be taken care of. That being said, Tsubaki is a bit of a disappointment, as she is constantly hungry for a ‘bigger’ meal and cannot quite satisfy herself with regular food. She has the sense to taste for youkai, but cannot actually devour them like her ancestresses of old.

Her family are quite rich, and intent on keeping her as pure as her name suggests. She is the only child of the heads of one of the Sunakawa businesses, and used to a life of prestige and privilege. Growing up, she took lessons in Kyudo, traditional Japanese archery. It seemed like something her family wanted her to do, so she did it. Ikebana seemed like something she ought to be doing, so she did it. Sewing, learning how to make attractive bento, being good at swimming and water polo and regular polo, horseback riding. Tsubaki poured herself into as many things as she could, because it seemed like that would appease her often-absentee parents.

And it seemed like that was working, for a while, but by the time she made it to high school, Tsubaki, while still very dutiful, wanted to be as far away from responsibilities as possible, which is why she chose Kikuryou. Her parents were unsure about this decision - especially with the bad press it received last year  - but Tsubaki was, for once in her very short life, indignant. She <i>would</i> go!

Her parents only relented at last when the head of the family, seeking to expand Sunakawa influence around the school, agreed with Tsubaki. She has three years, and if in that time she cannot perform her duties as a member of the Sunakawa clan, she will be expelled.

Of course, she has no idea.

Does your character have any kind of unusual powers? While she can ‘taste’ youkai energy, Tsubaki can’t actually do anything with this power. At most, she’ll get a contact high, and want to eat a lot. Additionally, her spit heals - not that she’s aware of this, either.

Living Situation: Kiku Dorm, with the other ladies of good breeding whose parents do not want to their daughters to be tempted by male flesh. She has an updated room in the old dorm.

Relation: Tsubaki is willing and ready to feed people to make friends. She’s a bit awkward and sometimes says the wrong thing, but her heart is in the right place. Please protect this small first year that likes to shoot arrows. At some point, I would like her to develop a backbone.

Writing Sample 

“E-excuse me? Murakami-sensei?” Tsubaki opened the door of the clinic nervously. The little cut on her cheek still stung, but she was vaguely sure it had stopped bleeding. “I need a plaster; there was a book in the library and,” I wanted to eat it. “it fell on me.” I’m pretty sure it did that on purpose.

Sumire looked up from where she was currently daubing ointment on Shibata-sensei’s face and smiled. “Certainly! Come take a seat, I was only finishing Shibata-sensei’s injury.”

“It can wait,” the chemistry teacher said dreamily, or at least, it seemed dreamily enough to Tsubaki, who had just finished reading Love Love Mysterium!!. Then again, everything seemed particularly bubbly around the kind, motherly nurse. Shibata-sensei left student and nurse alone in the room and it was weird, but after he left, it seemed like Tsubaki’s mouth couldn’t stop watering. All she could think about was the promised donburi that was supposed to be served as Kiku Dorm’s supper.

But, she also wanted to eat Murakami-sensei’s aircon. That... that didn’t make sense. PERHAPS SHE HAD PICA? It would make sense, wouldn’t it? Yesterday she thought about how tasty the tall upperclassman had looked. Maybe it was just his green hair?? So she’d bought a salad.

But then she’d wanted to also eat a pencil sharpener, half the lockers, and a third year sleeping in a closet. Why? Why this? Tsubaki frowned as Sumire procured the plaster.

“What’s the matter, Sunakawa-san? Don’t you like Piruru Princess?” Sumire also frowned slightly, and Tsubaki swore she felt a sudden stab of guilt.

“Ah, no! I mean, I like her just fine, sensei! I was just thinking about food.” Tsubaki admitted.


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